How do I advertise my emergency repair business?

Submit your emergency repair business in Louisiana! Don't you think it will be great to receive repair leads by mobile device or desktop app? Find out how!

How does it work?

We send a notification to your phone or desktop, in your office, when a potential customer is using our LIVE CHAT to find a contractor for repairs. When someone clicks on our LIVE CHAT button, you will receive a notification for a quote immediately. Easy as that!

Our LIVE CHAT covers the entire state of Louisiana. YOU can decide in which area you would like to take calls for repairs. For e.g - You are an electrician located in New Orleans. You will receive a LIVE CHAT notification from a customer who are located in Hammond. Are you willing to service that area or not? It is up to you because you will receive notifications from customers throughout the state.

Our LIVE CHAT gives you the opportunity to respond to calls anywhere in Louisiana.

How do I respond to a customer?

You will recieve a notification from a potential customer on your mobile device. The message will include their name, phone #, location and a brief description of the service needed.

If their location is in your area or close by, you can respond directly in the message or call the customer for more information. You can now either join the chat, with the customer directly, and ask for more information, or just call the number they submitted. Customers can contact you 24/7 to get a quote for repairs.

 Keep in mind that we send notifications to multiple contractors, at once, from all over the state. Our LIVE CHAT will make it easier for a customer to find a technician and a quote immediately.

How do I sign up?

First of all,  fill out the form below  to get started. We send you an invitation to join our network. When you receive an email, click on the link and create an account with - We will then set up your account to receive notifications via our website.

After you've signed into your account, you will be able to receive notifications, in real time, when a customer is using the live chat on our website. We send the notification to multiple contractors at the same time.

Can I sign up more than one employee?

Yes, you can sign up as many employees you want. Each employee will download the app and can change his status in the settings to "online", or "away". Whenever it is their shift to attend to emergency services, they will turn their notifications to "online". If an employee is off for the weekend, they will set it to "away" and won't receive LIVE CHAT notifications.

You can also add your business logo with each chat account.

Is it really a FREE service?

Yes, it is FREE to sign up and receive LIVE CHAT notifications! NO contracts and cancel at anytime.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via LIVE CHAT below

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