Do I need any Licenses and other documentation?

This is a legitimate question if you offer your vehicle to transport or give others a ride

–Contact your local authorities to make sure if you need a business license or not 

–Check with your vehicle insurance what your options are for transporting people or loads

–It is also recommended to have a driving and criminal background check available if someone asks for proof.

–Recommended - Look into an affordable liability insurance like 

Is there an age limit on the vehicle I can use?

We at letsload.us do not expect a certain age limit for any vehicle as long as it roadworthy. You are responsible for the condition of the vehicle

Can I ask a driver for documentation?

Of course you can. This up to you if you want a driver to show a valid drivers license, proof of insurance, liability insurance or even a background check. As a driver, you can search for background checks on the internet and get your own printout. We do not take responsibility for these documents and also do not keep it on file.

Is my personal information safe on letsload.us?

YES! We do not share any information to anyone!

Are there any hidden fees for using this service?

No. You do not pay any fee for using letsload.us - You negotiate your own fee with the other party. How you will pay or get paid, is up to you - letsload.us is not responsible for any payments or transactions between parties.

How do I edit or delete my own listing?

Go the "Menu" at the top and "Login" - If you're logged in, click on "Account" and see your "Posted Entries" or just click on "My Listings" in the menu - Your listings will show up. Click on the "Gear Icon" on the top left corner and you will be able to make changes.

How to stay safe?

–LetsLoad is very similar to services like Uber, Doordash etc. There are ways to stay safe while delivering, get a ride or help someone. Always use common sense. If you feel it is necessary, ask for documents like a driver's license, background check etc. Educate yourself with safety tips by searching the internet. We also recommend a free tracking app like  - share your real time location with friends and family.

–Always leave feedback. This will help others to choose a good and safe service provider

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