In Tehachapi

Gabriel Stevens is the owner of Interior Wood Specialties in Tehachapi, California. He says, “It's normal for me to have customers walk-in with a broken door or drawer and know that I will do the job.

I enjoy helping the community with odd projects and being there for not only the big jobs, but even things as small as cutting a piece of wood for a cub scouts' pine derby race car. Interior Wood Specialties is the kind of shop you can walk into knowing your not going to be a nuisance.

I serve this community to the best of my ability. On a weekly basis I have people come in looking for small pieces of wood for their artwork, crafts, or even firewood kindling. Some of the artwork can be seen in our local galleries. I pride myself on my service and my quality.

Every jobsite I leave is a great experience for myself and my customer. The past few years have been a struggle to survive for myself and every other small business owner in the area, I can't afford to leave any customer un-happy.

I encourage all the community to support your local licensed contractors and small business owners before calling someone from out of town or going to a big corporate company and buying cheap imported products rather than a local quality product. Tehachapi is a great city and I am proud to say I live here. Thank you to all my loyal customers, and I look forward to serving the community for as long as I can.”